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Selected Families and Individuals


Carl James (Goldie) Dixon

SSN # 440-28-7855
Carl Dixon was a gambler, we don't know if he learned his trade from the Dodson boys or
vice-versa. He did teach his son, Joh, whom some say was a pro, how to play. He always carried a loaded "six Shooter" and a pair of dice which are still in the Dixon Family

Ida Mary Ann Dodson

Ida was living with her father, in Latimer Co., in 1910. She met Carl in a diner where she was working,(supposedly in Stigler, Haskell Co., Ok). They married in Coal Co. Ok. They left there and had their first child 10 mos. later in Atoka Co., Ok. Then they moved to Savanna, Pittsburg Co. Ok., Ida's family must have followed them there, because there are Dodson's living in the area.