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Selected Families and Individuals


George McIntosh

He was a brother to Rebecca who married Thomas Brewster

Hannah Brewster

She and Charles moved to Van Buren Co., Iowa in 1838

Andrew Peery Brewster

He served in Co. H., 29th Va. Infantry, Condederate States of America, in the Civil War.
At an early date he located and surveyed a tract of 300 acres of land in Tazewell Cnty., and
through his energetic worl made it one of the finest farms in that area of the state. Here he
made his home until his death and the age of 74. He was a famous beat hunter, and, in a
period of 3 years, he killed 82 bears, and during his lifetime over 1200.
7 of their sons saw service in the Confederate army. Of that number, Benjamin was killed in battle,
George was severely wounded, and Ebenezer, enlisted as a captain, and through gallantry in
battle, was promoted to Major.

Archibald Prewett(Pruitt)

He was a miller